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I'm of two minds on this...on the one hand I think Big Finish has done an excellent job with Torchwood and more Jack is always great. On the other hand...RTD's involvement makes me leery of getting invested in it since he so favors Gwen to the detriment of the other characters. If this is going to turn into Gwen-wood with Jack just barely there...FUCK THAT.
Also it's REALLY not nice to tease about a dead character coming back like that when most will think Ianto-with RTD involved it certainly won't be considering how much he seems to dislike not only Ianto but also Gareth David-Lloyd (he treats Gareth like shit at conventions), and Jack and Ianto's relationship(RTD recently said that the relationship between them made Torchwood too gay.WTF?).
Also what does this mean for the comic book being written by John and Carole Barrowman?
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Was bored and had a blank for a 6* Kingdom Hearts Unchained X medal. Also I really don't like the way layers work in photoshop.

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6/14/15 02:39 am
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Sailor Gallifrey,Sailor Boshane,Sailor Bad Wolf,Sailor Tardis

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1/31/15 01:58 am
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I miiiiiight have gone a wee bit overboard on Jack *shrugs*

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1/28/15 04:12 pm
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4/17/14 05:12 pm
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Ive been re-reading [personal profile] milady_dragon's Dragon-verse fics just cause I felt like it and I keep reading Anwyn as my name since it's one letter off....
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Timelord!Jack fic is like Youkai!Sanzo fic...not many write it and it's kinda hard to find...but ooooh so cool when I do find it. Ive so far found 3. Haven't found any TARDIS!Jack yet. Timelord!Ianto/TARDIS!Ianto on the other hand is all over the place-not that thats not good too.


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