9/23/08 01:47 am
Hawk hit a skunk tonight on our way to the store and we passed it on the way home.My first time seeing a skunk both alive and dead too...and it was the same skunk! Unfortunately the stench was very strong with this one. Bleh...

Also-If RFB is really shutting down and not being used for attention whoring again...Im glad its shutting down. The maintainers(one of whom I know is KagenamiQ) were bringing down the entirety of the fandom with their bs. The drama whoring and Gojyo bashing got old real fast. KagenamiQ especially needs to realize she is far from being Gods gift to Saiyuki fandom and is in fact quite the opposite.While I appreciated the scans I really didnt appreciate the hoop jumping that needed to be done just to be able to see them. The excluding people for bullshit reasons was really wrong of them too.
And I get the feeling that the biggest reason for them shutting down RFB is simply because they arent the only source for getting scans now and they dont like that. Several times theyve whined that people have gotten scans from elsewhere before they had gotten around to posting on RFB.

[ profile] saiyuki_manga is far better anyway with much friendlier mods and much better scans-not to mention stellar translations...&hearts,

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2/17/08 06:53 pm
naxto: (Bitch Please)

I have to say I agree with a lot of this.Its too bad too-Saiyuki was a great fandom to be in before the last year.Now Im not so sure I want to be in the fandom at all.And if this gets me kicked from RFB than so be it. Im sick of jumping thru the hoops of an egotistical elitist who hides behind a sock-puppet account just to see scans.

PS-Deathlike has asked me to ask you guys to pass the link around to get word out.


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