naxto: (Ten-chan...3rd Impact)
Bento: *pokes*
Gabe: *pokes*
Bento: *pokes*
Gabe: *pokes*
Bento: *pokes*
Gabe: *pokes*
Bento: *pokes*
Gabe: *pokes*
Bento: *pokes*
Gabe: *pokes*
Bento: *pokes*
Gabe: *pokes*
Bento: *pokes*
Gabe: *pokes*
Bento: *pokes*
Gabe: *pokes*
Bento: *pokes*
Gabe: *pokes*
Bento: *pokes*
Gabe: *pokes*
Bento: *pokes*
Gabe: *pokes*
Bento: *pokes*
Gabe: *pokes*
Bento: *pokes*
Gabe: *pokes*
Bento: *pokes*
Gabe: *pokes*
Bento: *pokes*
Gabe: *pokes*
Bento: *pokes*
Gabe: *pokes*
Bento: *pokes*
Gabe: *pokes*
Bento: *pokes*
Gabe: *pokes*
Bento: *pokes*

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9/16/07 10:30 pm
naxto: (Half Naked Ikkou)
Liz: Mmmm sexy shirtless Sanzo
Bento: that one of all 4 of them together-took 3 hrs to color
Bento: yesh
Bento: the less clothes Sanzo has on the sexier he gets ne?
Liz: Yes, so long as he stays Emo
Bento: LMAO
Liz: Prozac Sanzo makes baby Jesus cry
Bento: *nods*
Bento: Everytime Sanzo smiles....Kaworu Nagisa kills a kitten!
Liz: lol


10/17/06 03:12 am
naxto: (eyetest)
BentochanZ: I just bought a whip of fire
ArchangelX777: I think pretty soon, your character is going to be classified as a WMD.
BentochanZ: :-DYAYS!
ArchangelX777: No, that's bad, because Iron Man will make you register and kick your puppy.
BentochanZ: Ill just kill the drunken bastard
ArchangelX777: He's also got a Thunder God on his side, and seems to have unstoppable insanity powers.
BentochanZ: so he's a fucking is Seitan Taisei
ArchangelX777: Yes, but Iron Man is one of the few people that can do that because of the clothes he wears.
BentochanZ: Seitan Taisei Son Goku > Tony Stark on the best day of his drunken life
ArchangelX777: Has he come back from the dead?
BentochanZ: Iron would not stop an insane bloodlusting demi-god
BentochanZ: almost-he can heal himself from being pretty fucking close to dead by useing the earths energy
ArchangelX777: But Iron is a natural . . . y'know, good weapon against the supernatural.
ArchangelX777: Oh! And Tony has nanobots now too.
ArchangelX777: So he can do that too.
ArchangelX777: Either that, or he's technorganic. I forget.
BentochanZ: Seitan Taisei has claws that rival Logan's...only they arent metal
ArchangelX777: James was wearing Tony's suit in the comics recently.
BentochanZ: who's this James person?
ArchangelX777: Wolverine.
ArchangelX777: His name is James Howlett.
BentochanZ: oh yeah...Im just more used to Logan
ArchangelX777: He totally looked like Iron Man when he was fighting the Atlanteans until he pulled out his claws.
BentochanZ: lol
ArchangelX777: That was totally ridiculous.
BentochanZ: LMAO
BentochanZ: Seitan Taisei could kick Wolvies ass
ArchangelX777: I dunno. Wolverine gained immortality some time in the last six months, apparently.
ArchangelX777: Because a guy sploded him down to his skellington, and he grew back.
ArchangelX777: In a matter of minutes.
BentochanZ: o_O
BentochanZ: Seitan Taisei would find a way around this...or Sanzo could just sutra Wolvies ass
ArchangelX777: He snuck up behind the guy and punched him in the face, after that.
ArchangelX777: Oh, wait!
ArchangelX777: Wolverine was burnt down to his skellington TWICE in the past six months.
BentochanZ: OWIES
ArchangelX777: Yeah.
ArchangelX777: Cyclops said "Man, if that guy thinks Logan's dead, he obviously doesn't know who he is."
BentochanZ: LOL
BentochanZ: but could Wolvie stand up to the power of a holy sutra and/or a uber-godmodder demi-god?
BentochanZ: and yes...I wanna post this on LJ
ArchangelX777: . . . Wolverine has taken down gods before.
ArchangelX777: Wolverine's also fought the Hulk.
BentochanZ: Seitan Taisei > Hulk
ArchangelX777: Wolverine's killed Phoenix.
BentochanZ: Seitan Taisei could EASILY kill Phoenix...and it'd probly jump to him in the process
BentochanZ: now thats a scary thought
ArchangelX777: I dunno. Phoenix can ressurect its host if it wants.
BentochanZ: but it would probly like him more-it'd be like "screw this host! This guy is better!"
ArchangelX777: I dunno. They recently said something about Jean Grey being the perfect host.
ArchangelX777: I dunno how much better you can get than perfect.
BentochanZ: *shrugs*
BentochanZ: and fuck...I ran out of argument
ArchangelX777: The trick to beating the Phoenix is making her feel dumb before you kill her, so she doesn't want to come back.
ArchangelX777: Hehe.
ArchangelX777: You'd have to get her to kick a puppy or something for her to stay dead for a while.
BentochanZ: oh...Seitan Taisei could definitly do that
BentochanZ: more in an "Oh shit I was retarded for picking a fight with this dude!" kind of way
ArchangelX777: Oh, see, that doesn't work. Then Phoenix just blows up the whole galaxy.
ArchangelX777: He'd have to like, dodge an attack and let it hit a little girl or something.
BentochanZ: he is more than fast enough to do that...then he'd rip her face off
ArchangelX777: Then there you'd go.
BentochanZ: :-D
ArchangelX777: Unless she read his mind and found out it was a trick. Then she'd just come back, and be pissed.
BentochanZ: nope-wouldnt be a trick-he'd just dodge all her attacks
BentochanZ: and then maul her to death
BentochanZ: the only ones that can beat Seitan Taisei are Konzen/Sanzo,Kanzeon Bosatsu, and recently Hakkai
ArchangelX777: Luckily, she's supposed to remain dead for at least 100 years.
BentochanZ: and Hakkai had to take off his limiters
BentochanZ: heh
ArchangelX777: But yeah, at that point, her Phoenix powers were so strong, she could retroactively telepathically contact someone in the past.
BentochanZ: ...
ArchangelX777: Thus she destroyed the timeline where she awoke by getting Cyclops to start boning Emma Frost.
ArchangelX777: Which I figure makes her the second coolest girlfriend ever.
BentochanZ: lol

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8/26/05 01:09 am
naxto: (Bento)
BentochanZ: Sadako vs Sanzo-who would win?
Hawkeye9723: Sadako in 7 days
BentochanZ: *cries*
Hawkeye9723: lol
BentochanZ: Sadako vs Wolfwood?
Hawkeye9723: Sadako Pwns ALL!
BentochanZ: even you?
Hawkeye9723: ...
BentochanZ: LOL

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8/9/05 01:03 am
naxto: (Panda!Sanzo)
ArchangelX777: Oh, and apparently God and his only begotten son, Superman, side with people whose names either have saint in them or are named after a saint.
BentochanZ: o_O
ArchangelX777: Link had to fight Pyro and God and Superman. Link won.
BentochanZ: lol
ArchangelX777: 1. Iron Man vs Jakie Chan. It would be long slow grueling match but in the end Iron Man wins by virtue of the fact that he's in a suit of damn iron.
BentochanZ: I disagree with that
BentochanZ: Jackie-sama would win
ArchangelX777: You have to remember that Iron Man has lasers.
BentochanZ: Tony Stark is a fucking whino
ArchangelX777: Jackie, while fast, is not faster than light.
ArchangelX777: But he's a genius whino in a metal suit.
BentochanZ: pfft-he's still a whino
ArchangelX777: 2. Neo vs. Wonderwoman? I want to say Wonderwoman but Neo has the power of poor scripts and incomprehensible plot on his side. WW gets him in her lasso? "Whoa, you can't do that, I'm the one!" And BAM! he's free. Repeat this process until she's dead.
BentochanZ: Neo would win...Wonderwoman sucks
ArchangelX777: Yeah.
ArchangelX777: And then Wolvie killed Neo.
ArchangelX777: And then The Flash.
BentochanZ: LOL
BentochanZ: Wolvie pwns all
ArchangelX777: Well . . . Wolvie had to fight Link.
ArchangelX777: And Link DID beat God.
BentochanZ: except Sanzo-Sanzo would shoot Wolvie dead
ArchangelX777: Tis tricky.
BentochanZ: which Link is it tho?
ArchangelX777: . . . Wolverine basically can't be shot dead.
ArchangelX777: I dunno. All the Links are pretty badass.
BentochanZ: has Logan ever been shot with a banishing gun?
BentochanZ: Sanzo>Logan>Link
ArchangelX777: Logan has been shot with lots of things. Including alien guns.
BentochanZ: and if all else fails-Sanzo would sutra Logans Canadian ass
ArchangelX777: And I dunno. I mean, Link has more weapons than Logan, and he's uberfocused. He always has to deal with annoying things and still saves the day.
ArchangelX777: But Logan has a metal skellington.
BentochanZ: so? Sanzo has a holy sutra-me thinks the sutra can get around the admantium
ArchangelX777: Hrm. Maybe.
ArchangelX777: But Link DID beat God.
ArchangelX777: I don't see how Sanzo could beat Link.
ArchangelX777: Link can summon the Triforce.
BentochanZ: what is this triforce you speak of?
ArchangelX777: . . . have you not played a Legend of Zelda game?
BentochanZ: no
ArchangelX777: *is shocked*
BentochanZ: lol
ArchangelX777: The Triforce is an item of near infinite power left behind by the three goddesses that created Hyrule.
ArchangelX777: It is formed by the Triforce of Wisdom, usually in the care of a Zelda, the Triforce of Power, which Ganon usually has, and the Triforce of Courage, which always ends up with a Link.
BentochanZ: dude...the Maten Sutra would kick the triforces holy ass
ArchangelX777: The Triforce, when the three pieces are brought together, can do anything.
BentochanZ: can it kill things very very dead?
ArchangelX777: It can tear apart reality and make new realities if the person wants it to.
BentochanZ: can it now? pfft
ArchangelX777: The only reason Ganon didn't use it to kill Link was because Link got it away from him first and then sealed him in another universe.
BentochanZ: the Maten Sutra is one of the five sutras used in the creation of heaven and earth-it can beat the triforce
ArchangelX777: It's one of the five.
ArchangelX777: The Triforce is all three of the artifacts of the goddesses power.
BentochanZ: the sutra has more power in its non-existant pinky than the triforce has in its entire body
ArchangelX777: So . . . the sutra can make you God?
BentochanZ: *chokes on water*
BentochanZ: kinda-make a new heaven and earth-you are its god
ArchangelX777: . . . Yeah. The Triforce is more powerful. *pats bento on the back*
BentochanZ: fuck the triforce...*pouts*

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7/28/05 12:08 am
naxto: (Tenpou)
Mathias Schnell: I don't think there's any surprise in who I'd sex
BentochanZ: you'd soooo sex Sanzo
Mathias Schnell: You got it. I can't get enough of his tight, black pecks
BentochanZ: heeeheeheehee
Mathias Schnell: Well, ok, the pecks aren't black, but a guy can dream!
BentochanZ: LMAO
BentochanZ: Sanzo is like Bridget...guys just cant help being gay for him
Mathias Schnell: Except Sanzo has a 99% greater chance of blowing your head off for being gay for him.
BentochanZ: true....

EDIT: RickSkylark: .... *pictures a disgruntled Sanzo dressed as Bridget, spandex shorts and all*

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If you can dodge a can dodge a ball! )


4/19/05 11:46 pm
naxto: (Sanzo in South Park)
SID6Kitty: o.O
BentochanZ: ?
BentochanZ: is the look of bliss on Sanzo's face that shocking?
SID6Kitty: He's a pedo!
BentochanZ: Goku's of age...he's 518
SID6Kitty: You will note that I said 'He's a pedo!'...not which he
BentochanZ: LOL
BentochanZ: so...Goku haveing sex with a 23 yr old monk is craddle-robbing?
SID6Kitty: Pfft
SID6Kitty: It's Gene Pool robbinng.
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from Akira to Evangelion... )
naxto: (Smoking  Son Goku)
Kryson: Bah.
Kryson: Your lackeys will fall soon enough.
Bento: STFU....
Kryson: Then you're next.
MrWonx: *Wonx kills kryson*
Bento: ^_^
Kryson: And I'll be in charge!
Kryson: *spam dodges*
MrWonx: 8bang*
Bento: good lacky...*gives Will a cookie*
Kryson: *spam dodges*
MrWonx: *Eats cookie, searches for milk*
Kryson: *steals Wonx's cookie*
Bento: *puts in deep dance50*
Kryson: *steals milk from Wonx's house*
Kryson: *spam dodges*
Bento: *beats Kryson with a rusted pipe*
Kryson: *runs off laughing manically*
Kryson: *spam dodges*
MrWonx: *Spam Trip*
Hawkeye: *gives Wonx Cookie Dough Ice Cream
Kryson: *spam jump*
Bento: *gives Will a box of cookies and a rusty pipe to beat Kryson with*
MrWonx: *Spam Plot Hole*
Kryson: *spam illoical escape method*
MrWonx: *Spam Irony*
Kryson: *spam depression*
Bento: *spam demon mode*
Kryson: *spam spits on Wonx's cookie*
Hawkeye: *traps Kryson in the cage of String Cheese
Bento: ewww
MrWonx: *Spam Counceling*
Kryson: You can't trap me in my own cage.
Kryson: :P


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