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Was bored so I remade these-Sailor Boshane,Sailor Bad Wolf,Sailor Tardis,and Sailor Gallifrey

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1/4/16 01:42 am
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My computer turned itself on and updated to Windows 10 while I was at work despite me never clicking on the little icon in the tray to upgrade. Hawkeye clicked on the one on his computer but for some reason mine updated along with his. Not all that sure I like it either.

I also recently finished reading The Writers Tale.Ive never ever regretted buying a book before this one.Made me hate RTD more than I already did.
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Sailor Gallifrey,Sailor Boshane,Sailor Bad Wolf,Sailor Tardis
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Timelord!Jack fic is like Youkai!Sanzo fic...not many write it and it's kinda hard to find...but ooooh so cool when I do find it. Ive so far found 3. Haven't found any TARDIS!Jack yet. Timelord!Ianto/TARDIS!Ianto on the other hand is all over the place-not that thats not good too.
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1.Ive come to realize I REALLY dont like the 10th Doctor.It's not just what he did to Harriet Jones or how he treated Jack,Rose,Martha,and others.Or how much he fucked things up in Season 2 that came back to bite him. He's a manipulative,dishonest,cocky,unstable asshole. I love David Tennant and I love how enthusiastically and awesomely he played 10 but I really dont like 10 as a person.

2. I love Torchwood but I hate the direction it ended up going. Gwen was basically a gender switched self insert Mary-Sue of RTD's. CoE seemed to be an exercise in 'how much can we break Jack in 5 eps'. Ianto was reduced to a plot point with a senseless death. Miracle Day was a flat out plothole filled clusterfuck.

3. I think Moffat is a better show-runner than RTD was.Russell T.Davis is a good writer but he's really not nice to fans. Steven Moffat at least is respectful.

4. I really dont like how often the male modern series Companions get ignored by the Fandom. Jack,Mickey,Wilf,and Rory are all just as important as the female Companions are!

5. I absolutely love John Barrowman and Captain Jack Harkness! If he doesnt show up during 12's run Im going to be very very sad.


11/24/13 12:48 am
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The special was amazing.


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